Four Reasons to Choose Choptank

When Choptank was founded 17 years ago, we had a vision of creating a company that was not just successful but was centered around its most key ingredient, people. This meant creating not just a workforce, but an experience. We carefully crafted a work culture that allows it employees to grow not just professionally, but personally. Our company takes pride in having a team that looks forward to coming to work each day because where they work is, simply put, awesome! It’s understood that you have a lot of choices when selecting your career field. Here are four reasons you should Choose Choptank.

Continuous Training4ReasonsToChooseChoptank

Never stop growing. Each team member starts out with two weeks to training in which they learn the in and outs of our industry and their position. Once those two weeks are up, they continue training throughout their time with us. We are all students each and every day. With us, you’ll never stop learning and you’ll never stop growing.

Career Growth

One word: Opportunity. We believe in our people and understand their goals. At Choptank, we open doors for our people and all they have to do is select which door to walk through. After all, 90% of our managers have been promoted within. You want to grow your career and move up? We’ll help you.

Tuition Reimbursement & Education Assistance

“Knowledge is power” and we know it. But sometimes, knowledge isn’t cheap. We’ve created a tuition reimbursement & education assistance program to help our employees that have already been to college and have student loans or want to go to college to further advance their career.

Work Culture

Our work culture goes beyond catered lunches, holiday parties, and unique offices but goes through to how you’re treated. We’re a fast growing company but stay true to our roots. At Choptank, each employee is treated like family. We’ve tripled in size in five years but still keep a small company feel.



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