Time Management

Time Management“There isn’t enough time in the day”

“Time flies”

“I didn’t get enough things done today”

You get the point. Time management is something that most people struggle with. It seems that there just aren’t enough hours in the day to accomplish everything. Well, the fact is, you won’t accomplish everything. Take these tips to accomplish the most important things. 

Start Early

Get up early each morning to lay out the day ahead. This includes creating priorities- a list of things you want to accomplish both personally and at work. Really look at the bigger picture to gain a broader perspective of your long term goals. It’s easy for us to get busy and forget our overall objectives. This allows us to regain our clarity and reasons for our actions.


Now that you’ve got your priorities listed, plan them out. Do this by thinking about your goals and asking yourself “how will I achieve this?” This allows you to look at goals in a step-by-step process in which each step gets you closer to accomplishing your goal. Now that you’ve got your steps, set up time blocks for each priority. This is where you ask “how long will it take to complete this objective?” and “when should this be complete?” Insert deadlines for each task to hold yourself accountable and ensure you finish in time. But don’t forget, it’s important to make SMART goals.

Stay Focused

In a world of electronic devices and social media, it’s easier to become distracted and end up procrastinating. 5 minutes of Facebook ends up turning into 10, 15, then 30 minutes and before you know it, you’ve lost track of your tasks and have fallen behind. This is when developing habits comes into place. Grow your self-control to stay focused on your goals and tasks by designating time for social media use. If your addiction is that severe, try turning off your phone or turning it over so you don’t see when you receive a notification. Keep your larger goal in the back of your head as a reminder of why you’re performing specific tasks. This will help you answer the question “why am I doing this?” when you are struggling. We often become so focused on small tasks that we overlook the main objective.

Stay Flexible

Rarely do things go as planned. It’s important to be prepared for it. Often times your schedule will change and you’ll have to shift things around. Prepare yourself to handle things when disaster strikes. Add some flexibility to your schedule to handle these occurrences and continue moving forward.

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