Integrity Yields Results

At Choptank Transport, it is our Integrity that yields our…

Respect is of utmost importance in everything we do at Choptank Transport.  It is with this respect that we provide the highest level of customer service to our customers and carriers.  Without them, we do not exist.

E – xceed expectations by working harder and reaching farther to provide service that is unmatched within our industry.  At Choptank Transport, we find solutions for our customers where our competition falls flat.  We exceed in the service levels and communication we provide.

S – ervice our customers and carriers with a mindset that honesty is always the best policy.  In a business where problems and confusion arise, we are constantly guided to do the right thing even when times become difficult and uncomfortable.  We also understand that freight movement occurs around the clock.  Therefore, we are reachable in times of need, even after regular business hours.

U – tilize our superior industry knowledge and company provided tools to deliver accurate and competitive rates for our services.  Maintaining this fiscal responsibility throughout our sales and service processes is key to furthering the industry-wide respect we have gained over the years.

L – isten with a great sense of open-mindedness.  True solutions can only be provided when the complete problem is heard and understood.  Whether a problem arises inside our company or externally from a customer or carrier, we wholeheartedly listen so accurate and timely solutions can be formulated.

Teamwork is an essential part of our daily work.  Our teams are designed to maximize our potential.  All of our Departments work hand in hand with each other to promote Choptank Transport, provide our unparalleled service, yield incredible results to our customers and lend support to our fellow employees.

Strive to better ourselves each and everyday.  It is this attitude that drives all of us closer to excellence.