Carrier’s FAQs

Question: How will I get paid?

Answer: Once the accounting department has received your complete and legible paperwork without any claims or discrepancies, Choptank will make payment to you through an ACH direct deposit into your bank account based on our standard terms.  We also offer a Quick Pay option for a fee of 2% with a $30 minimum.

Question: How quickly will I get paid?

Answer: Quick Pay = within 3 business days.  Standard Pay = within 15 days.

Question: What is the best way to send you the proper paperwork such as bill of ladings, lumper receipts, proof of deliveries, etc?.

Answer: There are several ways you can send us the necessary paperwork to ensure payment.

  • TransFlow – Please use CKTH as the company code
  • Fax to 410-673-2724
  • E-mail to
  • Mail (FedEx, UPS, USPS) PO Box 99 Preston MD 21655 or for FedEx, send to: 3601 Choptank Road Preston MD 21655

Question: How can I check my payment status?

Answer: Delays in paperwork are often due to missing information. Please double-check that all BOLs, PODs and lumper fees have been sent to us. To check on the status of your payment, call our customer service number at 800.568.2240. You’ll be prompted to dial “5” before you dial accounting customer service’s extension 837.