For Carriers

At Choptank Transport we currently have over 26,000 carriers registered in our database. Keeping these carriers satisfied and active in our business is important to us. In order to accomplish this, we offer some of the most competitive benefits in the industry.

These benefits include, but are not limited to:

  • Premium pay
  • Fast settlements
  • Comchek® advances
  • 24-hour logistics services
  • Excellent logistics-carrier relations

Our high volume of shipments and customer relations ensures that our carriers find loads quickly and efficiently. Choptank Transport is a reliable, honest, company that is constantly seeking honest, and reliable carriers to keep up with our rapid growth in the years to come.

At Choptank Transport our growth and reputation for superior service is directly related to the quality of our skilled and dedicated carriers. In order to maintain this quality, we have strict requirements that each carrier must meet before working with us. Safety, honesty, and on-time delivery are our primary concerns, however, insurance and finance issues must also be addressed.