3PL Services

Why use a freight broker?

Why use a 3PL?

Choptank Transport arranges a full array of transportation and logistics services to meet the needs of our customers, including truckload – van, refrigerated and frozen shipping, refrigerated LTL, flatbed, intermodal, and warehousing. Arranging prompt deliveries with safety and reliability as our top priority have helped to build a solid reputation that our customers trust time and time again. We contract with an extensive carrier base, made up of over 13,000 carriers. Choptank is an experienced 3PL and capable of solving any of your transportation challenges. Choptank Transport is a member of TIA (Transportation Intermediaries Association),


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Truckload refers to a freight shipment that fills a truck, and does not leave space for other freight. These shipments originate from one shipper and have fewer destinations than other types of freight. At Choptank Transport, truckload is the mainstay of our business. By providing superior customer service and communication over the past ten years, we have established our name among the leaders in 3PL truckload shipping.


Temperature-Controlled Freight Shipping

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For temperature sensitive loads that must be climate controlled during transport, Choptank has the experience you need. We have been specializing in arranging truckload refrigerated/frozen shipping for over 15 years. At one time, our business consisted almost entirely of refrigerated/frozen shipments. Our reputation for outstanding service in this market grew, and so did customer’s requests. Today, we offer a full array of services, however, this is still our specialization and our staff is highly skilled in arranging any temperature sensitive shipping challenge.


Dry Van

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 Arranging dry shipments is a large part of our truckload shipping. A “van” style truck under contract is used to haul non-temperature sensitive materials. Choptank Transport has over 13,000 carriers under contract. Using this large database, we can find contracted trucks on short notice, and more importantly find the appropriate size truck with a reliable driver. Issues such as Just-In-Time shipping, reliability, and communication mean that trusting your carriers under contract is a must. Choptank Transport understands this and only employs carriers that have been proven to be dependable and insured.


Flatbed Shipping, oversized loads

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Flatbed shipments are most appropriate when freight cannot be hauled in closed “van” style trucks. Flatbed trucks can be unloaded from the sides, and are most commonly used for bulky items such as large construction equipment or steel. Our dedicated flatbed division is specifically trained to arrange the transport of these TL shipments. Together with the support staff at our outside office locations, we make sure our operations, and yours, run smoothly. We frequently arrange for standard, container, and oversized flatbed shipments. We also have extra coverage available for high value shipments, either on the spot or on an ongoing basis. When Choptank Transport arranges your flatbed shipping, you can trust your goods will arrive safely on time.

LTL – Temperature Controlled or Dry

Less-than-truckload LTL

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The arrangement of refrigerated less-than-truckload freight is a specialized field that Choptank Transport is pleased to offer its customers. Our years of experience as a 3PL of temperature-controlled truckload freight provided the foundation for the launch of our reefer LTL division. This division, dedicated to reefer LTL only, is managed by seasoned logistics specialists ready to help you arrange the movement of your precious cargo. Less-than-truckload or LTL shipments are shipments less than 40,000 pounds, the maximum weight a standard trailer can haul. These shipments are lumped with other LTL shipments in order to fill a truck, and save cost. Our truckload customers requested that we bring the Choptank Transport level of service to LTL shipping division several years ago. Today, our LTL division is thriving and our high volume of loads makes it much easier for us to find other LTL freight. This keeps expenses low for our customers. We meticulously contract with our LTL carriers to avoid any problems, and our logistics team employs the highest level of communication and technology. Special training also means that when a problem might arise, we’re prepared to handle it.


Intermodal Shipping

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 For flexible customers that wish to cut costs, intermodal transport refers to freight that is moved using more than one form of transportation such as sea, rail, and air. Choptank Transport offers the arrangement of intermodal transport as another supplement to our services. Our customers can elect to use this service when their cargo is not under heavy time constraints, and other methods of transport seem inappropriate. Intermodal has changed drastically in the last few years, offering more flexibility, accurate tracking, and more reliable on time pick up and deliveries by appointment.


Choptank Transport offers warehousing services to our customers as a supplemental service. Offering three warehouses, and over 100,000 square feet of storage space in Preston, MD, our facilities are ideal for cargo storage. Customers often utilize this option for transloading storage, fulfillment, or just standard indefinite warehousing. As a sign of our commitment, Choptank offers its customers reduced rates on warehousing.