Customer Reviews

customer reviewsWe build solid and lasting relationships with our customers. Check out some of the things shippers are saying about our services.

  • Let me say from me and my team, we are thankful for your great service and partnership this past year.I saw a news snippet that Choptank had just donated 126 turkeys to the St Vincent De Paul Society. When I was a kid I went to summer camp at the St Vincent De Paul camp down on the eastern shore and I couldn’t tell you how much money we raised for them over the years at Catholic School. So, it was really cool to see you guys supporting them as well and to know that help could be going to people where I grew up.Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family, – T. O’Donnell, Director of Transportation  November 22, 2016 


  • Choptank has gone above and beyond with everything I’ve thrown at them. If anyone needs anything covered Choptank should be the go to. I cannot express how much their help has meant. – Andrew H., Load Coordinator (September 3, 2016)


  • We have been very pleased with the Choptank service. By the way, Steve Covey sent an e-mail in March.  It was for Easter and it was a beautiful message!  – Alexis A., Customer in Texas (April 13, 2016)


  • Our growth is a true testament to the service Choptank has provided our company over the last year. – Jim C., Logistics Manager (April 9, 2016)


  • Of all the brokers we currently use Choptank surpasses all others in communication.  They provide regular updates, even on the weekends, so we are always aware of where our product is and when to expect arrival of freight. – Susan C., Shipping Manager (October 13, 2015)


  • “I hauled a load for Choptank today. It was not an easy load, multi-stop Long Island load with lots of detention and headaches. Just found out that Amy is a member of our group! I worked with her for the first time. What an amazing and professional broker! She had the best communication and handled all issues in a timely manner. She even provided a new rate confirmation before I asked for it. Thank you, Amy! Hope to deal with you again soon! – Peter, Owner Operator (August, 14, 2015)


  • “I would just like to say that I really do appreciate the wonderful job that Mike and the whole team at Choptank has been doing for us here in Baltimore. I rate your service and professionalism very highly to anyone. Thank you very much and I hope we can continue this beautiful relationship far into the future.” – Stacy D, Warehouse Manager (August 6, 2014)

  • Thank you, Ernie. You’ve been doing a great job this week as well as for the past few years. I really appreciate having you handling our freight. You have been doing an amazing job. Thanks.” – Corey D., Account Manager (August 11, 2014)

  • “I really appreciate how Choptank continues to partner with [us] and our members. Your staff are so attentive, knowledgeable, and hard working – really a joy to work with. Produce is one of our top priorities – which means having a great logistics, food sourcing, and product handling background will become ever more important to our success. This also means we will be relying on Choptank’s expertise more and more in the coming months and years.” – Sarah, Program Assistant (August, 2014)

  • “Let me first start off by saying thank you because Choptank has been much more than just a vendor to us, you all have been true partners. You are constantly on top of it… I know I can call anytime of day or night and your staff will be there for me. The amount of money you save us on freight averages about 10% lower than your competitors by my estimate. You have a tremendous crew and you have a couple of huge fans in Ft. Myers, Florida!”  – Chris, Resource Manager  (April 17, 2014)
  • “Choptank has been nothing short of perfect in regards to scheduling, communicating, and more importantly, working with a sense of urgency that is unmatched. All these characteristics are a must in our opinion and your team displays these consistenty each and every time we employ you.”   – Dan, Chief Operating Officer (November 19, 2013)

  • “It is so nice to be able to send a request with one call or e-mail and then move on to the next project knowing that my request will be dealt with quickly, without problems, and at the best price available. I am confident that when the wheels start turning on the truck, that all will be done correctly.”   – Don, Resource Manager  (October 12, 2013)

  • “Thank you, Guys. You are the only carrier that stuck with me to the end today. That is a part of what makes Choptank above the rest!”  – John B. Warehouse Manager (September, 2013)

  • “I have been in transportation for 30+ years and will tell you Choptank Transport is one of the better brokers out there. They won’t commit to loads they can’t cover and I have never had a delivery issue with them since I have been here.”   – Barry, Director of Operations (August 2013)

  • “I am going to tell some of my colleagues to give your sales representative a call.  A shipping rep like this is golden to us, since it seems we are always needing shipping on the fly.”  – Julie, Sales & Marketing (April 2013)