Training & Development Expand at Choptank with Recent Promotions

Choptank Transport is pleased to announce the promotions of Christina Parent and Kaitlyn Mister, both taking on new training and development roles within the national logistics company.


Parent, a Salisbury University graduate, has been promoted to People Development Manager. This position oversees company-wide training and education programs. Choptank employees go through a comprehensive 7-week, onboarding process.  The program covers basic information about the industry as well as detailed protocols, processes and software training. Keeping up with the latest government regulatory changes is an important part of the curriculum as well.



(L-R) Chistina Parent, Kaitlyn Mister

In addition, Choptank plans to offer continuing education and personal development classes through a new Learning Management System (LMS). These classes will be available to ambitious employees working towards advancement or those just looking for a refresher course. “I look forward to this new opportunity and plan on making Choptank’s training program the gold standard for learning, advancement, and growth potential for all employees,” said Parent.


Parent joined Choptank in 2015 with very little knowledge of logistics or freight management. She began her career in sales, finding new customers in need of freight services such as: truckload, less-than-truckload, intermodal and flatbed. After several successful years as an experienced logistics professional, she was offered a corporate trainer position; a role that led her to her most recent promotion as People Development Manager.


Mister has been a logistics coordinator with Choptank since 2016, a position that requires finding qualified carriers to move freight for Choptank customers. With a keen interest in teaching, Mister was excited when the in-house corporate trainer position was announced. “I liked working on the carrier side of the business, but I also love teaching and mentoring people’” said Mister. “Experiencing a promotion within a year of starting at Choptank has been really exciting. All my hard work quickly paid off.”


“With technology rapidly changing and new compliance regulations becoming mandatory, it is imperative that our training and development be at the highest level possible,” said Paul Wood, Choptank’s director of carrier development. “The new program gives our team members opportunities to launch and advance their careers while helping Choptank be a top broker that provides excellent customer service.”


Choptank Transport continues to hire aggressively at its headquarters in Preston, Maryland as well as its regional offices in Tampa, Dallas, Atlanta and Denver. For more information go to

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